My name is Rob Raiche. I retired from the Marines in 2009 and have made snowmobiles and powersports my full time job ever since. In addition to selling new and used parts at: (RHI PowerSports)... I also haul snowmobiles, ATV's, Golf Carts, Trailers, Sled Decks, Campers or just about anything for customers and friends.
I frequently visit: Central, Southern and Western Minnesota, all of North and South Dakotas, Eastern and Southern Montana and Northern Wyoming. But I get to the others areas ON THE MAP BELOW quite often as well.

I can be very flexible and will make special trips if needed!
Most hauls will average around $300-$400. I'll charge a little more if additional handling or services are needed.

If you need me to haul something... GIVE ME A CALL!

CONTACT ME: the best way is by phone. My number is: 612-310-3128 or you can click HERE to send me an email.
LOCATION: Most of my trips will begin and end in Hutchinson, Minnesota 55350. Dropping machines off or picking them up in Hutchinson will save you a few bucks. I have a lot of safe and secure storage space available on site and machines can be parked there for as long as needed.
PAYMENT: I require half the payment up front by Card, PayPal, Check or Cash. The balance is due in full immediately upon delivery.
Discounts are available for multiple machines picked up or dropped off at the same locations.